Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome 2012 with general wishing and wondering...

Happy new year everyone! This year marks the start of the challenge I’ve set myself to actually use my blog. I’ve signed up for 4 reading challenges, sadly I had to restrain myself otherwise I would’ve signed up for at least 7 and then probably failed to complete any of them. Hopefully thanks to these awesome challenges I’ll have plenty to read and therefore plenty to blog about. Im talking some tips from Bex and attempted to plan my year in the hope that I might actually achieve some of the things I set out to do. So far Ive made about a million New Years resolutions and have managed to break at least 2 of them already...go me. So far my reading target for this year, challenges included is about 85 books. Wish me luck.
I get the feeling that 2012 is going to be interesting, to say the least. The New Year welcomes the Olympics and the ensuing madness which will undoubtedly conquer London the closer it gets. Then of course theres the happy matter of the end of the world. Im hoping that if the world does end that itll be by zombie apocalypse because then at least then Ive got some plan of action and theres a small chance of survival, plus then I can justify repeatedly watching Shaun of the dead and all those other epic zombie films. Anyway those are my two main happy thoughts for this year.
Here are my relevant resolutions:
*    Read 5-7 books a month
*    Plan what to read each month so I can track my progress and see how much Ive failed
*    Blog at least twice a week. Hopefully Ill be able to do more than this but I dont want to set my standards to high, because going by the classic saying the higher they are the further Ill fall and although falling will inevitably happen at some point (in fact probably at many) it doesnt sound that much like fun. Maybe I should invest in a trampoline or a giant crash mat...
*    Explore new genres. This is something I routinely tell myself I want to do as its something Ive always thought I should do but I always lack the ability to motivate myself to actually do it and it doesnt really help that I dont really know where to start. Any suggestions are always welcome.
Good luck to everyone with all their resolutions, look on the bright side of life, remember to believe in fairies and youll discover that anything is possible (the impossible just takes longer)

Bring it on 2012!

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