Sunday, 20 February 2011

Disaster and discovery

Several interesting discoveries were made last night, the first of which was heels combined with stairs and alcohol cause you to miss the step and throw the alcohol at the person in front of you.
The second of which is, pretending to be sophisticated women from the 60's is very fun especially when cocktails are involved.
Last night i went to a Mad Men themed birthday party and everyone had to dress up in formal 60's dress. So basically an excuse to over dress, wear dramatic amounts of make up and drink lots, which i think is exactly how it should always be.
Anyway despite the alcohol i learnt a lot from this party, like doing shots of Bacardi cause people to steal cats and growl at them.
I now know that Bacardi straight is disgusting.
That being a farm girl is apparently a good look for me, and that Ben & Jerry's with most kinds of alcohol (especially Smirnoff ice) is really really nice.
And after all that the even more interesting thing is that i managed not to get seriously drunk even though i drank quite a lot, and i also have no hangover :)

So today is looking good, i love to say the sun is shining but this is England. The sky is grey, the world is dull and depressing but the upside is at least its not raining....yet.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Taking the Plunge

Today I've finally managed to scrounge up the time and courage to put my blog to use.

I dunno what the world expects from bloggers, or even what bloggers expect from bloggers which is partly why it's taken me this long to post anything.
Is there a specific thing a blog should be used for? ... I have no idea
I am nobody and I know that my life is uneventful as sadly I am the one living it, therefore I don't see the point in pouring my heart out over the internet as i'm 99.9% certain that no one cares.....if I were you I wouldn't care.

right now i can't remember why i made this blog, and at present i have no idea what i'll do with it but at least now the balling is rolling and i'm gonna role with it an see what happens.