Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Telling Tales Reading Challenge 2012

Ive just realised that in my end of year hype I got a tiny bit carried away signing up for new challenges and forgot to actually decide what to do for the one Im co hosting.
I cant decide which category sounds best so Ive decided to let my indecisive nature free and do a bit of each one, that way at least Ill have variation can only think of about three films at present that are based on books that come in to any of these categories, but Im sure Ill find more as I go along. If the worst comes to the worst Ill just settle for having several Disney marathons. Im gonna aim to complete level 3, which sounds fairly achievable but we shall see.
So heres all the stuff I want to read:

Twisted Fairytales:
·         The bloody Chamber Angela Carter
·         The Penelopiad Margret Atwood
·         Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow- David Gemmel
·         Troy: Shield of Thunder David Gemmel
·         Troy: Fall of Kings David Gemmel
·         Troy Adele Geras
·         Happily Ever After

·         Stardust Neil Gaiman
·         The Princess Bride- William Goldman
·         Peter pan J.M. Barrie

·         The complete Fairytales The Brothers Grimm
·         The Odyssey  - Homer
·         The Iliad Homer
·         The Aeneid - Virgil

Graphic Novels:
·         Fables Vol.1: Legends in Exile Bill Willingham
·         Fables Vol.2: Animal Farm Bill Willingham
·         Sandman Vol.3: Dream Country Neil Gaiman
·         Greek Street: Blood calls for Blood Peter Milligan
·         Habibi Craig Thompson

Poetry and Drama:
·         Goblin Market Christina Rossetti
·         Kincora: An Irish Folk History play Augusta Gregory


  1. I REALLY want to read Habibi and also Greek Street looks wicked :-) If you get/have got them can I borrow yeah?

  2. of course if i get them you can borrow :)