Friday, 18 February 2011

Taking the Plunge

Today I've finally managed to scrounge up the time and courage to put my blog to use.

I dunno what the world expects from bloggers, or even what bloggers expect from bloggers which is partly why it's taken me this long to post anything.
Is there a specific thing a blog should be used for? ... I have no idea
I am nobody and I know that my life is uneventful as sadly I am the one living it, therefore I don't see the point in pouring my heart out over the internet as i'm 99.9% certain that no one cares.....if I were you I wouldn't care.

right now i can't remember why i made this blog, and at present i have no idea what i'll do with it but at least now the balling is rolling and i'm gonna role with it an see what happens.


  1. Suggestion-use it to write about stuff you do...places you go,things you read,movies you see, songs you like.... Stuff you might forget otherwise but dont want to.thats what i do :-) a social and cultural diary rather than an emotional one. Tho emotions are good too, of course!

  2. good suggestion
    i dislike emotions....they're annoying, so that could be a better way of going about things :)